“. . . Hines is as close to Turner, the great 19th century English painter as any photographer in my experience has ever come.” Arnold Edinborough - The Financial Post

Sherman Hines, Nova Scotia born photographer, has gained international respect for his unique ability to capture the world on film. His work has been described as “sensitive and observing”. William French of the Toronto Globe and Mail wrote, "... Sherman brings an eloquence to his pictures that makes even a dandelion look beautiful."

After four years of studying photography at the Brooks Institute of Photography in California, Sherman’s artistic abilities were keenly developed. With the philosophy that "photography is either a constant searching for the extraordinary, or nothing at all," he obtained the highest honors ever awarded a graduate of the Institute.

Since that time, Sherman has had published over 70 photographic books featuring his images. He has also merited such prestigious recognition as Canadian Photographer of the Year as well as a
Fellowship in the American Society of Photographers. He has been awarded six degrees in professional photography and two gold medals of excellence in photography, from the Institute for the Achievement of Human Potential in Philadelphia and the National Association for Photographic Art. He is a member of the Camera Craftsmen of America and received an honorary doctorate of literature from St. Mary’s University in Nova Scotia.

Sherman’s extensive photographic journeys into China, Russia, Africa, South America, the Arctic, and other points worldwide, have also earned him a Fellow International from the distinguished Explorers Club of New York.

Positive thinking and boundless energy have helped to propel Sherman along a varied entrepreneurial path. For thirteen years he operated a studio in Halifax, Nova Scotia. His hometown of Liverpool is the location of The Sherman Hines Museum of Photography:a place where the public can learn about the history of photography, view artifacts and see exhibits of the photographs by Karsh, Notman, MacAskill, Hines and others.

Also in Liverpool, NS is the Rossignol Cultural Centre, the result from the vision of Sherman Hines. It is a collection of three Art Galleries, three museums, a Wildlife Museum and a village of historic buildings.

Sherman Hines believes the fear of failure should not prevent one from trying anything new. Therefore, almost every day of his life is filled with identifying, pursuing or completing goals.